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A shaman is an ally of the universe and nature

For me, a shaman is a particularly sensitive person. He works alone with and about his feelings. To be a shaman is a calling and not a job.

Shamanism (shamanism) is a bridge between love, feelings and gratitude to people, nature and the universe. It is the path of feelings, respect and harmony. It is the oldest proven healing method of humanity. This knowledge is passed on from generation to generation by the indigenous people.

The way each shaman works is different. He draws the power to heal from nature, from allies and the universe itself.

A shamanic journey is the way to the root. Spiritual support builds a bridge between the everyday and the universe beyond the level of consciousness. In order to become one with the allies and to devote oneself to the innermost.

The shaman is like a fountain. He gets the energy or healing power from the source and gives it to the client. We ask in the shamanic work to kindle the forces that work in man so that he himself can restore his balance, clarity and harmony.

I have been practicing and learning my healing practices for over ten years in order to reach the deepest, hidden subconscious of my clients. With various training courses in the fields of shamanism, Bach flowers, tarot, numerology and hypnosis, I have constantly refined my skills. With this knowledge, I can provide the best possible advice and healing in various new life situations.

I work with shamanic methods, with my allies, nature and the universe.

Shamanism is the way to the root. With the spiritual support of my allies, I build a bridge between the everyday and the universe, even beyond the level of consciousness.

Everything you need to heal is already there. You only need to use it. Regardless of whether illnesses, burnouts, crises, fears or depression. I can give you the strength and the energy to heal yourself. My shamanic activity is to restore your personal balance and to learn how you can find your own clarity and harmony again, to shape your own future with new joie de vivre.